Although the idea of teleworking started gaining ground gradually at companies a while ago, by today it has become a reality.

Organizations had to quickly adapt to have their teams distributed remotely. The devices have left the safety zone of your company, and the probability of them being attacked is bigger.


To resolve this situation and to guarantee cybersecurity in teleworking, you need an action plan based on the following key principles:

  • Establish secure connections and avoid open Wi-Fi networks due to their security gaps
  • Provide access only to authorized persons
  • Use strong passwords and re-link trusted devices from time to time
  • Encrypt data so that it can only be read by a valid addressee
  • Apply two-factor authentication for both the company and the employee
  • Avoid the use of personal devices or BYOD* (Bring Your Own Device), as they pose a risk for IT departments** since they have less control over the use of devices by employees
  • Apply ‘zero trust’, which states that any organization can be subject to attack either internally or externally, therefore no entities accessing the organization’s domain should be trusted.


How can Tranxfer help you solve these problems?

  • Send and receive files securely
  • Choose your sending and display preferences
  • Prevent the entry or exit of Malware
  • Prevent loss or leaking of data
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Unique digital identification of files using checksum
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Office 365 plugin to work within the user’s usual mail application



Your partner to reinforce your security in teleworking.


More than 1 million licensed users
More than 5 million receivers


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