cómo prevenir los hackeos en los archivos de la banca

Why is Tranxfer your solution?

Technology is driving the digital economy by turning banking into a multi-channel game that creates new risks and opportunities for cybercriminals.

Consequently, banks are the priority for cybercrime due to the quantity, quality and accuracy of the data with which they work. Therefore, banks invest in cybersecurity to avoid the loss of high-value information and not lose the trust placed in it by their customers and investors.

Percentage of CYBERSECURITY INCIDENTS in Banks compared to other sectors
MILLIONS of dollars SPENT on incidents vs. 11.7M average


Tranxfer is a tool that provides functional advantages as well as significant savings on other devices thanks to its efficiency in cybersecurity. Specifically we offer:

  • Sending and secure reception of confidential files

  • Securization of communications with customers or suppliers

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

  • Avoid information leaks by guaranteeing confidentiality

  • Cut malware entry into corporate systems through attachments

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