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How do we contribute to health?

Health is one of the sectors most sensitive to cyber attacks due to the sensitive information they manage. And the goal of cybercriminals is to get hold of this sensitive and precious information.

So preventing cyberattacks can be vital for hospitals and individual health centers. On the other hand, the lack of speed to patch an attack is another important point to take into account.

% increase in email cyber attacks
% phishing targeting patients


Tranxfer is a tool that provides functional advantages as well as peace of mind in sending sensitive and relevant data. Tranxfer offers you:

  • Sending and secure reception of confidential files (health, banking information and other personal data)

  • Securization of communications with customers or suppliers

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

  • Avoid information leaks by guaranteeing confidentiality

  • Cut malware entry into corporate systems through attachments

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