encriptacion de datos para empresas

Why is Tranxfer your best ally?

Insurers base their business on trust. A compromise on your security is therefore an attack on your direct impact as a brand and that may affect your value in the market.

Data is an important source to defend, since it is the target of cybercriminals due to the quality, variety and level of detail they manage.

There are many times that your company will attack this year. Mainly you are going to receive three types of attacks that are detailed in the right column. Are you going to be prepared?

Phishing targeting employees
Information leak by shadow IT
Malware (ransomware)


Tranxfer is a tool that provides functional advantages as well as significant savings on other devices thanks to its efficiency in cybersecurity. Specifically we offer:

  • Sending and secure reception of files with sensitive information (health, banking information, personal data)

  • Avoid information leaks by guaranteeing confidentiality

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

  • Prevent malware from entering corporate systems through attachments

Your problems are ours too

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