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Do you have file submission problems?

The number of cyberattacks against utilities and critical infrastructures has grown exponentially, reflecting specific objectives such as the theft of information on strategic planning and R&D for profit.

It is especially important to avoid information leaks that can pose a risk to the lives of citizens and to the different governing bodies.

% of managers confess not being calm with their communication channels
% of security commitments seek to obtain information on financial results and security statements


Thanks to the use of Tranxfer you could obtain many advantages and above all the confidence that all the files sent from your organization will be safe. You will benefit from:

  • Sending and secure reception of confidential files (health, bank and personal details)

  • Securization of communications with customers or suppliers

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

  • Avoid information leaks by guaranteeing confidentiality

  • Cut malware entry into corporate systems through attachments

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