An encryption key unique to Tranxfer

The application encrypts all documents sent and received using a unique encryption key and the most secure encryption protocol.


No software installation required

There is no need to use any installed application, simply use the program through a web browser.


Send to multiple recipients

It is possible to send files to multiple recipients both within and outside your organization.


Login and area personalization

The Tranxfer login area is personalized for each client meaning they each have their own URL and logo.


Expiry notifications and message deletion

It is possible to receive notifications for when sent or received files will expire and will be automatically deleted.


No need for specific users/specific PDW

There is no need to enter Tranxfer login credentials to receive a file. Access keys are only required for those sending files.


Antivirus integration

All files sent and received are automatically scanned by the ClamAV antivirus software.


Active Directory integration

It provides the ability to integrate LDAP to Tranxfer, manually add contacts or import them on a large scale. SAML integration to allow SSO.



An encryption key unique to Tranxfer

Tranxfer encrypts all sent documents using a unique encryption key and the most secure encryption protocol.



Module for implementing information filtering policies based on types of files, content, and regular expressions.


Encryption protocol

AES 256


Reports and statistics

Module for processing the information used on the platform.


Multiple time zones

The settings allow the time zone to be configured which is applied to all users. It is also possible to configure users in different time zones.


File rules

It is possible to configure rules for file type, blacklists, for example not sending files with a .doc extension, or based on size.


Rules for users or groups of users

It is possible to set rules for users and file types, whitelists and/or blacklists, for example, that a person cannot send files with .avi extensions, or files over 100MB.


Exporting all activity

All Tranxfer activity can be exported for analysis by corporate events correlator.



It is possible to configure watermarks to be viewed in all transfers. It will insert said watermark into all documents to prevent information leaks.


Tranxfer access notifications

It is possible to receive notifications when sent files are accessed and notifications of downloads, document views, and logins


Settings and configuration

The company program administrator can configure important settings:
  • Maximum number of recipients per message
  • Maximum number of files per message
  • Maximum file size
  • Maximum transfer size
  • Expiration time for the recipient to view files



  • It is possible to activate/deactivate token use via email or SMS
  • Select the size of the numeric/alphanumeric token between 4-20 characters



  • Chrome extension for Gmail
  • Add-In for MS Outlook


Third-party programme integration

API to integrate sending Transxfer on programmes such as CRM and ERP.

Why choose Tranxfer?

Because it is the most comprehensive tool on the market.

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