A cyber-attack is a set of offensive actions against information systems. Attacking equipment and/or systems can have different objectives, such as to interrupt the services your company provides, to extract your information stored in databases or steal the identity of your workers to commit fraud.


The most common cyberattacks are:


Ransomware or ‘data hijacking’:

This is a type of malicious program that restricts access to your information and asks for a ransom in exchange for removing the restriction.



It is a scamming technique that seeks to impersonate a trusted person, company or service, in order to deceive the user and make them perform certain actions such as giving out passwords and access data.


CEO fraud:

Cybercriminals pose as the CEO of your company and request transfers of funds by the finance department.


And the so-called ‘Man in the middle’ (man in de midel):

The fraudster is able to read, add, and modify messages between two parties with the intention of modifying details such as changing bank accounts and diverting transfers to unauthorized accounts.


What can we do to prevent these attacks at our workplace?

  • Do not click on unknown or suspicious links or attachments
  • Never reveal credentials or give out passwords to third parties
  • Do not share valuable information by email
  • Clear inbox attachments so they are not exposed
  • And use secure and encrypted methods of sending and receiving information



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