The digitization of the world has brought us many advances as well as benefits, but also many doubts about the security of information we store, process, and send from our organizations.

It is vital to protect valuable data by reducing risks and mitigating possible (Information Security) threats. The methods used in dealing with them fall under the umbrella term Cybersecurity.

This allows us to work in safe environments, managing and avoiding any attack that we may suffer in the digital world.

For example, if an employee in your company decides to use software or hardware without the knowledge of the IT department, this could cause an uncontrolled information leak. When this happens, we expose our information to other users, taking the risk of reaching unauthorized people: the dreaded Shadow IT.

This problem can lead your company to large breaches of GDPR with fines that could exceed 20 million euros.

Another possible risk is the incorrect use of cloud sharing platforms (Google Drive, One, etc…). You could lose control of what is exposed, make a mistake, or simply, your link might fall into the hands of those who it should not. You can be attacked because of these security breaches with your links shared with an unlimited number of users…  This is like leaving your house keys in the front door and hoping that nothing ever happens.

Tranxfer solves this problem safely, helping cybersecurity professionals apply effective security policies without hindering the day-to-day life of your employees.

Tranxfer your ally in your company’s cybersecurity strategy.

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More than 5 million receivers

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