“We are passionate about our work and we take care of our clients”

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

Our history

Tranxfer is a cyber-security company founded in Barcelona.

It was created in 2013 to start the development of a project for a major Spanish bank.

In 2017 it was decided to launch Tranxfer as a product on the market.

Today, it is the trusted secure exchange channel for large clients, many of them on the Ibex-35.

Miguel Planas uno de los inversores y presidente de Necsia
tranxfer logo de la empresa de herramientas tecnologicas

Our challenges

The increase in the exchange of information over the Internet and the increasing risks in security, mean that todaycompanies must face new challenges. So your challenges are also our challenges and our achievements.

Digital transformation

1. Limitations of existing platforms

2. Difficulty of integration with company systems

3. Shadow IT proliferation


1. Cybercrime threat

2. Contingencies or loss of service due to incidents

3. Email vulnerability

4. Loss of reputation

Control and audit

1. Lack of control of the exchange of information with the outside

2. Unintentional loss of information

3. Information theft

4. Increase in regulatory requirements (GDPR, financial regulations …)

What makes us different?

Tranxfer leads other email platforms and sharing environments (clouds) because:

  • Information is not kept in the cloud, it is deletedpermanentlyafter expirationof the shipment.
  • DLP information loss controland traceability module, to configure rules on recipients and Contents.

  • Tool for professional use, designed to meet the needs of companies.
  • No passwords or software downloads required for recipients.
  • GDPR <compliance/span>
  • Malware attacks are not received like email.
  • Control of the information that enters and leaves the company.

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