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Tranxfer is offered in four modalities that seek to make the management of the tool easy. All of them offer the same standards of security features, shipping and receiving, traceability and regulatory compliance.

Tranxfer One It is offered without minimums and its acquisition is limited to single user licenses, up to a maximum of 5. It can be acquired on a monthly basis without permanence or with an annual commitment at a discount. The deployment would be in the private cloud managed by Tranxfer.

Tranxfer Team, our recommended modality, is offered with a minimum of 5 licenses and its acquisition can be done on a monthly basis without permanence or with an annual commitment with a discount. The deployment would be in the private cloud managed by Tranxfer.

Tranxfer Enterprise It is offered on request and with a minimum of 100 licenses. This modality can be offered deployed in the client’s private cloud or Onpremise, offering many more features such as integrations with products, security and personalization of the look & feel corporate.

Tranxfer Pay Per Use It would be the modality that is acquired with a shipping and receiving bag. Its cost is limited and transfers would have a certain cost.

In general, Tranxfer modalities have been designed to satisfy clients of all sizes and needs.

Tranxfer One It is aimed at freelancers or micro-companies that may have a low need for licenses due to their number of employees.
Tranxfer Team It is the most recommended modality and that is why the preferred one of our clients. Among its main advantages are the immediacy of commissioning the service, the use of our private Tranxfer cloud and its lower cost, which makes it very attractive to customers. Tranxfer Team is designed for those more corporate organizations with multidisciplinary teams and / or employees who work with large or confidential information and need to have a secure channel for exchanging files.

Tranxfer Enterprise It is the modality designed for multinational companies and VBAs that require development and integration tailored to their needs. It is offered from a minimum of 100 licenses and requires a deployment in a private cloud for the client or Onpremise integrated into existing corporate systems. It also allows integration modalities with your security systems such as Antivirus, DLP or SIEM; Plugin for Office 365 or Google Suite and API Rest to integrate into applications for sending and receiving files.

Por último, Tranxfer Pay Per Use is designed for those customers who want to purchase a series of limited shipments and with a bag of tokens to spend over time. Both the “send” and the “receive” would be included in the bag and limited to a number of licenses.

Monthly: It can be canceled by the client whenever he wishes and therefore does not have a contract of permanence.

Annual: The commitment lasts at least one year and may be canceled by the client once the period purchased ends.

After the trial period ends, the licenses will expire and will no longer be operational for the user. All information will be removed from our systems to guarantee maximum security and confidentiality. Tranxfer will only store the marketing information consented to by the client to be able to contact.
There would be no problem as long as it is to purchase a subscription upgrade and depending on the planning (monthly or yearly). In order to make a change from a higher category to a lower one, you must wait until the end of the previous hiring period.
All Tranxfer modalities comply with our maximum security characteristics, which are mainly Antivirus, DLP, E2E Encryption, Checksum identifier of transfers, double authentication factor and automatic information deletion to guarantee the confidentiality of the information and the non- information display.

Although only with Tranxfer Enterprise you will have the option of being able to integrate your security features into our tool.

If you want to know more, discover the technical characteristics of the tool on our page Tech Features.

For nothing, Tranxfer has been designed by combining advanced security features with an interface that guarantees maximum ease of management for both the end user and the company administrator. Similarly, we have different support materials to facilitate management and our support team will always be available during 8×5 hours.
Yes, our tool incorporates by default all its information traceability, encryption and auditing policies and they are always available to all users.
To enjoy the Office 365 / G Suite API and Plugin, it is necessary to adhere to the Tranxfer Enterprise conditions.
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