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Tranxfer offers maximum security

under a simple interface for the user…

Through advanced features in cybersecurity, traceability, auditing, and regulatory compliance. Tranxfer is the safest option for sending and receiving files in the organization.

Technical specifications

Integrated Antivirus

Prevents the entry and exit of malware in the company.


Traceability and audit

Ensures governance of inbound and outbound transfers with event notifications.




Tranxfer guarantees compliance through encrypted delivery and complete erasure of information to ensure confidentiality.


Unique Identification


   & E2E Encryption

Identification and encryption origin to destination.


Office 365 / GSuite (coming soon)

Tranxfer can be fully integrated into the company’s business suite.


DLP module

Control and prevent the unauthorized departure of information outside the company.


Integration into corporate systems

Through API in CRMs, ERPs, and other platforms.


“Display only

Automatic watermark generation to ensure confidentiality.


The keys to our success

Tranxfer’s value proposition valor is based on four strengths:

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Advanced Security Policies

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GDPR compliance

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Easy to use/ease of use

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Traceability and Audit

Advanced Security Policies

All Tranxfer security policies and functionalities have been developed as keys to the secure exchange of information. Its characteristics strategically comply with all the specifications required by organizations.

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Easy to use

The ease of use of the tool is reflected in all Tranxfer functions, both at the user level and at the administrator level, in a constant exercise of improvement and adaptation to the user. No software installation is required to work with Tranxfer, so it can be connected from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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Traceability and Audit

Tranxfer offers information to each one of the users of the different steps of each communication event. The audit trail is performed for all incoming and outgoing transfers and guarantees details such as IP, operating system, exact time of the event, and the number of interactions with the information.

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GDPR compliance

Tranxfer complies with the requirements of the general European data protection law thanks to the encryption and encryption at rest AES-256, erasure of information, advanced security policies and traceability and auditing techniques, evidencing access, viewing, downloading, and default expiration of all files.

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Our clients say:

“The management team regularly sends confidential information and Tranxfer provides us with a secure environment for these communications.”

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Leading company in the urban services sector

Our employees needed a tool to be able to share sensitive information and sometimes of considerable weight. The potential of Tranxfer is its simplicity and integration, which achieves easy adoption in our teams.”

IT Manager

Leading company in the gaming sector

We have managed to stop our entire staff from using third-party tools to send large files. With Tranxfer, we manage to make use of a 100% customizable corporate tool.”

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Leading company in the banking sector

“What we value most about Tranxfer is its ease of use for our team. At the IT level, we highlight its traceability, auditing and peace of mind of complying with current regulation. “

Head of Legal

Leading company in the energy sector

Frequently Asked Questions.

Our technical FAQs can be found here.

Tranxfer protects files with end-to-end encryption from the browser itself to guarantee security, thus making the files and their information inaccessible to third parties at all times. Its features include an Antivirus module updated up to three times a day and its DLP, with which different rules can be configured to prevent information leakage.

In all transfers, both sending and receiving information, Tranxfer calculates a checksum code, a unique identification (digital signature) that is maintained from origin to destination, guaranteeing that no third party has accessed it.

Tranxfer is a tool designed to guarantee the perfect balance between ease of use and complex advanced security features, for both the user and the company administrator. Tranxfer’s ease of use is superior to email and collaborative platforms, allowing greater control over files than previous business solutions and avoiding innumerable risks, both of malware infection and human error.
Tranxfer guarantees the confidentiality of the information by offering a protected channel with two-factor authentication and the deletion of all files by default.
Through the records dashboard, Tranxfer offers traceability and auditing of exchanges, evidencing all downloads, accesses, and transfer expiration dates.
The Tranxfer cloud is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, which complies with the necessary certifications, principles, and requirements of the National Security Scheme (ENS) and National Cryptologic Centre (CNN).

Google Cloud is where Tranxfer’s private cloud is hosted and meets the following formal security requirements:

ENS: HIGH level

ISO 27001 – Information risk management

Tranxfer, therefore, guarantees that all its servers are hosted in Europe and in compliance with the highest standards to guarantee compliance with the general European data protection rule (GDPR).

Tranxfer has a Plugin to connect to Office 365 and G Suite business suites. If the administrator wishes, Tranxfer has a powerful Rest API developed by our team to facilitate and allow connection to other software that allows the input and output of information.
Tranxfer is offered in three different modalities. The first and fastest is through the acquisition of licenses deployed in our public Tranxfer cloud (hosted on Google Cloud), deployed in a dedicated cloud environment for the client or in on-premise mode, which is integrated into the customer’s existing corporate and security systems.

Tranxfer can be deployed to the Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services.

Tranxfer uses end-to-end encryption from the browser with an HTTPS certificate. The information in all your traffic travels under SSL/TLS certificates. The information navigates encrypted and at rest under the AES-256 standard.
Tranxfer can be adapted to the look & feel of the company’s corporate image including logos, typography, corporate colors, and image backgrounds. The level of customization depends largely on the deployment mode and involves a separate cost.
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