Compatible with
digital workplace

Tranxfer has plugins for the Microsoft ecosystem.
This is how its use is increased in a 70%

In an increasingly digital world, the workplace has become the remote desktop where information is constantly exchanged.

Sharing and repositories tools have solved the mass sharing of attachments between colleagues.

What do companies achieve with
the plugin?

  • Prevent email from becoming a second repository of attachments.
  • Automatic expiration of files.
  • Traceability, leak prevention and greater control of the information.
  • Sending large files.
  • Simple and easy use adoption.
Tranxfer plugin Teams

Tranxfer and Teams

Adding Tranxfer plugin to the sidebar Microsoft Teams, allows you to have a direct access to Tranxfer MFT, from the Teams workplace. This way, employees do not have to leave their usual work environment to exchange documentation and compliance securely, either with internal to the company or external

Transxfer and Outlook

Problems with indiscriminate attachments in your inboxes? Tranxfer allows you to change the attachment icon to that of Tranxfer. And by clicking on it, a side window opens within Outlook, where it allows add files and configure transfer options. All this within the same Outlook, but with the security of Tranxfer.

What do our clients get with the plugin?

Tranxfer's value proposition is based on four strengths:

Fewer attachments stored in email

Reduction of information leakage thanks to security policies

Protection against the “man in the middle” attack

Avoid shadow IT

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