Simple. Sound. Secure.

The best tool on the market for securely sending and receiving corporate files.


Tranxfer is the fastest, simplest, and most secure way to send files. It can be used over the cloud or integrated into corporate systems (email, CRM, ERP, etc.) offering maximum guarantees for security, auditing, and traceability.

Choose a single recipient or group from your address book. Write a message and set how long you want the file to be active.

Select the files to send from your directory. Indicate if you want the files to be view only or fully downloadable.

Send the file. Be notified about views and downloads via the application notifications.
Control and audit events with timestamps and information on the sender/receiver.
Audit and Data Protection
Record any events and actions performed, storing all operations with timestamps. Complies with the Spanish Data Protection Act.

The service is available using any device.
Files are encrypted in all stages of being sent or received and automatically deleted after a set period.
Receipt confirmation
The tool confirms when all recipients have downloaded and viewed the document.
Limitless size
Exchange files without size limits.
It allows centralised control of what is sent as well as senders and recipients. It allows unified usage policies and Data Loss Prevention.

Add Ins available for Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, and API to integrate secure delivery to any other platform.
Available on the Cloud and On Premise


Unique encryption key

The application encrypts all corporate documents sent and received using a unique code and the most secure encryption protocol.

Antivirus integration

All files sent and received are automatically scanned by the programme’s antivirus.

Data Loss Prevention

Module for establishing an information filtering policy based on file type, content, and regular expressions.


It has the option to add visual watermarks in all transfers to prevent company information leaks.

Traceability and statistics

Receive access notifications for files when they are sent, downloaded, and viewed. Programme reporting module

Double security factor

Single security code via email or double security code via SMS.