New Partnership with Kawaru Consulting

Kawaru Consulting

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Tranxfer partners with Kawaru Consulting to expand the distribution of innovative solutions file transfer

Tranxfer, a leader in creating solutions for managed and secure file transfer, is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Kawaru Consulting. Kawaru is a leading business consulting firm in technology and digital transformation, committed to accompanying its clients throughout the course of the project to be carried out.

This strategic alliance represents a step forward in Tranxfer's commitment to offering our solutions to a global customer base. Kawaru Consulting, known for its expertise in implementing cutting-edge technology solutions, will join Tranxfer as an authorized distributor of our innovative solutions.

Why Kawaru Consulting?

At Kawaru they focus on the human side of technology, with its personalized consulting module for each client «Slow 5«, which allows adaptation to needs, or in project monitoring after the deployment of the solution, to improve and automate processes. This will allow organizations to take full advantage of our solutions and thus improve their file transfer processes.

This strategic partnership reflects both companies' continued commitment to safety, innovation, operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Together, Tranxfer and Kawaru are poised to drive their clients' business success in a digitally interconnected world.

To learn more about Tranxfer and its market-leading solutions, visit our website. To learn more about Kawaru Consulting, visit their website at

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