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Cybersecurity Bank & Government

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We are pleased to announce that we are a featured sponsor of the 'Cybersecurity Bank & Government' in Chile. An event scheduled for March 12 at the Sheraton Santiago hotel and organized by Mtics Producciones. In this 12th edition, our commercial director, Eli Bernal, will present a speech on 'new regulations and regulatory compliance for file sharing'. We invite business leaders to join us to explore the latest trends, challenges and regulations, in file sharing.

With this, there are already 12 consecutive years of the essential meeting space in which innovators, technologists and business leaders of the Cybersecurity of Banks and Governments in Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean meet. The purpose of the event is to help protect networks and assets in an increasingly digital, complex and hostile environment. 

When and where?

This edition of Cybersecurity Bank & Government will take place on March 12, at the Sheraton Santiago Hotel, in Santiago de Chile. It has already been the meeting point for more than 30. 000 attendees in previous editions and is baptized as the maximum and only cybersecurity event in Chile.

Being aware of the importance of this event, where the most influential people and companies in the sector meet, we did not want to miss the opportunity to be part of it, and to be able to present Tranxfer solutions to all attendees.

And, as sponsors, we have the privilege of being able to make a speech on new regulations and compliance for file sharing, in which our colleague Eli Bernal will talk about the new regulations that affect the sector, and what solutions companies have to comply with these regulations.

Register and come meet us

If you are interested in the world of cybersecurity, we invite you to register to Cybersecurity Bank & Government, to attend the event in person. If, for some reason, you cannot attend in person, a virtual platform has been enabled so you can follow the event. This platform will allow you to access the talks and activities remotely, you can access all the information on the conference website

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