Pill 2 – The most common cyber attacks.

A cyber attack is a set of offensive actions against information systems. They can have different goals:

  1. – attack equipment and systems to cancel the services provided by your company.
  2. – Subtract information stored in databases.
  3.  – Steal the identity of your workers to commit fraud.

The most common cyberattacks are Ransomware or data hijacking, phishing, CEO fraud and the so-called Man in the middle. It is for this reason that 3 out of 5 companies consider not basing the bulk of their communication on this channel.

How can we do to prevent these attacks from our workplace? 

  • Do not click on unknown and suspicious links or attachments
  • Never enter credentials or give passwords to third parties 
  • Do not share valuable information by email 
  • Clear inbox attachments so they aren't exposed 
  • And use secure and encrypted sending and receiving methods.


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Carlos Manchado - Cybersecurity Advisor at Microsoft

Senior Computer Engineer specialized in Cybersecurity, Information Security, Technological Risk Management, Systems Audit and Privacy. He is a professional with great communication skills, flexibility and customer and goal orientation, accustomed to working under pressure in complex and heterogeneous environments. Definition and deployment of protection, detection and response capabilities, including strategic, tactical and operational dimensions. He has knowledge of threats, incident management and coordinated response to adverse events, leading teams and actions in cybercrisis scenarios. CISM and CISSP certification.

Pablo López-Aguilar - Technology Director at

Technology Director at the Anti-Phishing Working Group - Europe (APWG.EU) with strong technical skills, leading the communication and exploitation strategies of ongoing projects, always promoting research and innovation in cybersecurity.

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