Pill 1 – What is cybersecurity?

The digitization of the world has brought us many advances and benefits, but also many doubts about the security and information that we store, process and send. 

Information security encompasses the measures and activities that attempt to protect information assets, that is, the protection of information or data that is of value to an organization, by reducing risks and mitigating potential threats. 

Within the incidents we can talk about: entry of Malware, Ransomware, information leakage, hacking and credential theft or identity theft.

Often we, the users / employees, carry out actions without knowing that they can pose a risk to us or to the organizations for which we work, such as the dreaded Shadow IT that can lead to an uncontrolled leak of information or the breach of GDPR.

The loss of traceability for the IT department is a headache, and our organization can be vulnerable to GDPR. We also have the incorrect use of sharing platforms, it is like leaving the keys in your house and hoping that nothing will ever happen.

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Carlos Manchado - Cybersecurity Advisor at Microsoft

Senior Computer Engineer specialized in Cybersecurity, Information Security, Technological Risk Management, Systems Audit and Privacy. He is a professional with great communication skills, flexibility and customer and goal orientation, accustomed to working under pressure in complex and heterogeneous environments. Definition and deployment of protection, detection and response capabilities, including strategic, tactical and operational dimensions. He has knowledge of threats, incident management and coordinated response to adverse events, leading teams and actions in cybercrisis scenarios. CISM and CISSP certification.

Oriol Llauradó - GDPR Consultant at

Oriol Llauradó GDPR Consultant at Committed and passionate privacy professional, specialized in the online sector. Born in Barcelona, he considers that his three strong points are: intellection, learning and harmony.

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