The value of information, We are facing one of the most important cyberattacks in Spain

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Alert to a possible cyberattack on the Ministry of Economy. The value of the information that companies possess is increasingly higher.

What would you do if when you got to the office, your mouse cursor was moving only on the computer screen? This was the situation found by an official from the Ministry of Economy at the beginning of November, and from this, an alleged cyberattack on the Ministry has been discovered.

Despite the fact that various sources inside the ministry confirm the attack, the government denies it.

If confirmed, we would be facing the second major hack in less than 30 days to the SARA network. At the beginning of October, a cyberattack entered through the general council of the Judiciary and accessed this SARA network, used by most judicial bodies and ministries as an information highway. Through this they accessed confidential information from the Tax Agency, Immigration, Social Security and National Police.

They obtained highly confidential information from more than half a million people and companies, such as bank accounts, addresses, work history or confidential company information, which may end up being victims of a cyberattack.

¿This second attack will end up being confirmed?¿will be related? There remain many unresolved questions. What is clear is that we are facing one of the biggest cybersecurity threats in recent years. And that reinforces the need for companies to have your information secure at all times. The value of information is incalculable, and many times, doors are left open, such as when sending files with attachments, and leaving them in the inbox indefinitely.

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