The best of Tranxfer in 2023 and prospects for 2024

The best of 2023

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The end of the year is the best time to reflect on the achievements of 2023 at Tranxfer. This year has seen significant milestones for Tranxfer. With nearly 30,000 malicious files detected, and almost 200,000 secure transfers carried out successfully.

What started as an MFTaaS is adapting to the needs of the market and our clients, and is being consolidated as a suite of products, which in 2024 will incorporate 4 secure and different products for exchanging files with external collaborators, and a platform Completely redesigned to improve the user experience.

What do we celebrate this year?

This year has been full of news, so we want to leave you a small compilation with the best and highlights:

The incorporation of a new product called «Reception spaces«, to provide our clients with a secure and automated channel to receive documentation from external sources, fully adaptable to their business processes. Also, we have obtained the Microsoft certification for our product and you already have it available from the Teams "Marketplace".

We have closed important technological alliances with two large companies in the sector, such as Checkpoint Y Netskope.

The incorporation of technology to our platform so that our clients can identify the person responsible for a possible information leak.

Product adoption rates have improved 20% compared to the previous year. And we have closed our first clients in Chile, Colombia and Mexico, where the tightening of data protection laws has increased the need for companies to use secure tools like Tranxfer.

To end the year, we want to thank you all for continuing to trust Tranxfer for your shipments and receipts of documentation, and we leave you a forecast for 2024 from our colleague Eli Bernal (Tranxfer Commercial Director):

«In 2024, cyberattacks will become more sophisticated. Artificial intelligence will be used to create convincing hoaxes, and hackers will take advantage of affordable AI tools, targeting outdated products. Protecting the input and output channels of files and content and raising user awareness will continue to be the focus of CISOs«

Finally, on behalf of the entire Tranxfer team, we want to wish you a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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