Tranxfer and integration with Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is Microsoft's online work environment for companies. It integrates all collaborative applications into the same ecosystem, such as chat, calls and meetings, the calendar, and Onedrive or Sharepoint for information sharing. From now on, it is also possible to integrate Tranxfer as a Plugin.

Tranxfer prioritizes ease of use, and therefore includes integrations with the most popular corporate services to simplify user access. The objective of this integration is to make it easier for both the user and the administrator, favoring adoption and so that they can use Tranxfer without having to leave their usual workspace.

With a simple click on the Tranxfer "pinned" application, in the left-hand application bar in Teams, you can directly access all the services offered by Tranxfer in a quick and easy way.

Why this integration?

Tranxfer offers additional advantages compared to other types of applications that have not been designed for file transfer itself. It offers companies a secure communication channel with the following characteristics:

  • File traceability
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • GDPR compliance
  • Expiration and automatic deletion of files
  • Integrated antivirus and DLP
  • API integrations
  • Microsoft plugins and others

The challenge that Tranxfer wants to solve with this integration is that, “Office users rarely leave the Microsoft work environment to share their files. Since they consider that the applications they use are secure enough. To avoid moving between different platforms, they decide to use the one that is closest at hand or that is most comfortable for them as a shipping method. Now, with the "Plugin" in the Teams sidebar, it offers this easy way to access Tranxfer without having to leave the work environment.

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