Tranxfer in Expansion

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The company invests one million euros to expand internationally

Tranxfer, a company specialized in sending and receiving files securely, is satisfied in the first half of 2020 and faces the second half of the year with optimism. With a capital injection of one million euros received at the beginning of 2020, the cybersecurity brand will carry out the internationalization of its product, the incorporation of new innovative cybersecurity technology and the multidisciplinary increase in its workforce.

With clients of all sizes, including important IBEX-35 companies, Tranxfer will face its internationalization with a roadmap that foresees the landing of its technology throughout the second half of the year with preferences in the Central European market and from Latin America. Another novelty in this 2020 is the development of new functionalities and the incorporation of new cutting-edge technology that, among the most recent incorporated, highlights end-to-end encryption without the need to install or configure any type of software. Finally, the company's management agrees on the priority of expanding the workforce in all its areas and roles, from sales to technology, in order to gain speed in achieving the objectives set.

“In 2020 we set out to be the best security tool for sending and receiving files for the company and to grow significantly both at the customer, team and product levels. Despite the recent crisis, at Tranxfer we have been able to adapt to the situation and have experienced an increase in demand thanks in part to the features that our tool incorporates, which have been helpful in ensuring our clients' need for teleworking. . As conclusions to this first semester, we are very satisfied with the incorporation of new professionals to the team who, together with the planning carried out in detail by the management team, will help us achieve the milestones set throughout the remainder of the year”, commented Miguel Planas, president and founder of the company.


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