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Can you compete with WeTransfer? This Spanish company already stands up to him
"We have managed to develop a security technology that allows us to compete, and in many aspects, surpass the giants in the sector," Miguel Planas, the main promoter of Tranxfer, assures Innovaspain

Two names have stood out strongly in the world of file transmission for years: WeTransfer and Citrix. Although there are also other companies that have tried to end the monopoly of these two giants. This is the case of Transfer (Dropbox's daughter solution), Ydray or Dropsend. There are at least a dozen more options, but the big question is: can you compete with the big companies? And if possible, how? The key is in security.

This is precisely the ace up the sleeve of the Spanish platform transfer. Born in 2013 under the umbrella of the Iris Venture Builder group, it considers that now is its great opportunity to gain a foothold in a difficult sector. “We have managed to achieve maximum security in sending files worldwide with great ease of use. And most importantly: without the recipient having to download anything”, values Miguel Planas, founder and president of Iris Venture Builder and main promoter of Tranxfer.

The 2020-21 period will be crucial to accelerate its international expansion in Europe. The company has an injection of 1.5 million euros contributed by the same Iris Venture Builder (€1M) and a loan from Banco de Sabadell. In a first phase, resources will be focused on the United Kingdom, with the opening of an office in London, and Central Europe, mainly Germany and Switzerland. These markets are relevant and strategic for the technology firm due to the high security awareness of their companies. On the other hand, part of the capital has been used to provide the platform with the latest advances in information encryption and to expand personnel in the commercial area.

The COVID-19 has accelerated teleworking and the need to protect against the increase in cyberattacks on emails. "What sets us apart from established platforms like WeTransfer is the power and level of technology we have developed," says Planas. In addition, the person in charge ensures that his company has "the most secure technology in the world in the sector."

In his own words, "at Tranxfer we aspire to become the global reference company in 2022". A complex challenge, but one that Planas and the other 15 members of the Barcelona company face naturally. "We are the David who wants to unseat the Goliaths," he says.

“We are an application designed and built from scratch for companies, therefore with an adaptable architecture with the different technologies of large organizations with all the features that a B2B product requires. Tranxfer fully adapts to the needs of companies, regardless of their size and type", he adds.

Interview made by Innovaspain. 

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