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This month we have the pleasure of participating in the SIC magazine exposing topics such as "Zero Trust", the most difficult challenge for companies due to teleworking.

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What kind of projects are we carrying out in our organization to be able to adapt that workspace in this new work environment?

At Tranxfer we help reinforce security master plans and, above all, we help companies progressively eliminate the use of email as a channel for sharing files. The risks to which they are exposed are email vulnerabilities As for the attacks; man in the middle, impersonations as CEO fraud and the exposure of the massive reception of company associates.

In addition, SIC magazine exposed that according to the survey by Think Thank on Parliament Street, 2 out of 5 companies are rethinking modifying the communication system due to the increase in security problems since the pandemic.

The concept ZeroTrust it is also present in the next steps and plans that companies want to carry out.

In these projects, what challenges or barriers can we find? Are they being solved?

The problems that our company encounters are usually of "human barrier" when implementing new processes that were already established in a way and that now the company has to rethink changing.

Tranxfer works with very dynamic companies with highly elaborated security policies established in the organization, such as Naturgy and Codere, two companies that are very clear that security must be present in their policies and budgets.

How do we envision the evolution of the workspace in the next 2 years?

At Tranxfer we envision an evolution of the workspace that could be summed up in three elements: experience and productivity, confidence in the cloud, and security and compliance. Now more than ever users can connect across multiple devices which can lead to data leakage in the absence of Zero Trust. This concept leads to a change of mentality in the IT part so that all devices are considered as possible threats and can be controlled. We believe that there will no longer be a place for “it is not cloud” therefore companies will increasingly work remotely. Zero trust will be a necessity. 

This technological transformation has been accelerated due to the pandemic but it was inevitable that it would happen.

This month we have appeared in more magazines such as Business Insider.
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