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We are pleased to participate in the Special Computing CIO & BUSINESS annual with an interview with Eli Bernal, Innovation & Global Sales Director of Tranxfer. Issues such as the most important technological projects in organizations and what the process of digital transformation entails are addressed.


Original interview offered by computing.

"We outperform cybersecurity giants in some respects"

What have they achieved with Tranxfer?

We have managed to develop a security technology that allows us to compete and surpass the giants of the cybersecurity sector in many aspects. And without the recipient having to download or configure anything.

Why do you think that securing shipping channels is so important?

We found that companies are rethinking the use of email as a channel. Linked to the proliferation of collaboration platforms, two problems arise: email vulnerabilities and the reluctance to provide access to our perimeters. In addition to the 'human error' factor that involves sharing what should not be. All this, together with the lack of traceability left by shadow IT, makes the IT and security departments consider new channels and tools to provide their employees.

Where does Tranxfer fit in and how does it help companies?

We are an application designed and built for companies regardless of their size and sector, with an architecture that can be adapted to different technologies and with all the features that a B2B product requires. We upload a file, mark recipients, subject and message, and select sending and download preferences. This file is encrypted and travels safely through our channel, thus avoiding any impersonation or attack along the way, reaching its destination and leaving evidence of download. Data integrity is very important to us. We give a digital identity to the file and validate all events. We prevent the entry of malware and comply with GDPR.

Tranxfer is a company that arises in response to the needs of companies in terms of secure file transfer. It provides a B2B platform with advanced security features and simple usability.
What risks do companies run?

CSO Spain published this August that our country is among the six most attacked in the world. The 30% of cybersecurity professionals report that during the pandemic attacks have increased by almost 300%, mostly by email: phishing, whaling, man in the middle, CEO fraud... resulting in very significant economic losses.

What actions do you recommend companies to defend against these attacks?

Training your employees is basic, they are the first and last layer in terms of security. More than 47% professionals have ever been involved in this type of campaign, they are becoming more sophisticated and credible. Reinforcing its security master plans is another measure that has been taken immediately, especially due to the effects of the pandemic, which has led to a considerable increase in teleworking. Finally, the implementation of 'zero trust' measures providing the user with tools to carry out their activity in the workplace with maximum security. The digital perimeter of companies has blurred and users and data are the new focus of attention.

Will Tranxfer be the preferred software for CISOs in 2021?

We are the favorite when it comes to fighting the headache caused by shadow IT. So far we have managed to consolidate ourselves very well in the banking, utilities and insurance sectors. We continue to explore new functionalities and use cases together with our professionals day by day to continue adding value to the market.

What news do you have going?

Integrations with mail environments are already a reality, and they help a lot for better adoption; Outlook plugin, O ce 365, Gmail, are essential. Certification in the National Security Scheme (ENS) and obtaining ISO 27001 will help us in internationalization. Our main challenge is to replicate our success stories and be in each of the Security Master Plans this 2021.

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