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"Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated"

Many of the challenges that companies face each year are the same as in previous years, for example, mitigating and overcoming cyberattacks on their infrastructures or mitigating and controlling phishing (identity fraud). And each year these challenges get more complicated as they become more sophisticated. The objective is the same, to cause damage of such magnitude that the company partially or totally paralyzes its activity, the more days the better, so that it loses as much money as possible. Another possibility is to cause repairable damage such as ransomware attacks, in which the attacker demands a ransom in exchange for restoring service or returning the integrity of the information they have stolen.

Tranxfer helps to avoid involuntary human errors as much as possible, as well as intentional actions. Our proposal is based on control and security in the exchange of data and files. It is at this point that companies communicate with the outside world (suppliers, citizens, third parties) and it is the door that attackers use to penetrate organizations.

The aim is to avoid involuntary human errors as much as possible by shielding communication channels with the outside world.

Tranxfer is simple to use and quick to implement

Tranxfer's solution is simple and quick to implement and the benefit obtained is immediate and enormous. Cybersecurity is a matter of investment regarding the level of protection and its benefit must be weighed against the cost. There is no fixed or marked amount that protects the 100% from any threat, so you have to calibrate a point very well between the level of security that we have set out to reach and the budget that we manage. CISOs must make these decisions and Tranxfer helps make it easy for them, that is, a good high-protection product at a reasonable cost and in proportion to the great benefit it brings.

New features and technologies, more integrations and strategic alliances with Microsoft, Google and Salesforce

For this year we have established to extend the most successful use cases achieved in corporate B2B and large companies (for example, banking, insurance, energy) and undertake an internationalization process at a European level. We also work to make Tranxfer technology accessible to SMEs and self-employed professional users.. We extend the use of our technology to private users, but we focus on large companies, in which a data leak can generate an average cost of 3.5 million dollars. We want to become the global corporate standard on File Sharing (MFT) platforms.

As for new features, we plan to turn Tranxfer into a complete suite by adding Data room, electronic signature and legal validation features.. We will use cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain or artificial intelligence applied to DLP. Our open API will serve as a means to integrate us natively and deeply into the employee workspace, especially at a time when the remote workplace requires more attention and vigilance. We will see Tranxfer fully integrated into platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google and Salesforce (among others). In addition, we will establish strategic alliances with partners and partners that make our security proposal more complete and robust.

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