Tranxfer and secure file transfer


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Secure file transfer: A key enabler that promotes efficiency, productivity and security in managing information in the workplace

TRANXFER, now even more integrated, with plugins for the digital workplace with Teams and Outlook. The perfect complement to digital ecosystems. It responds to the company's need to establish a secure channel for sending and receiving information, alternative and complementary to the usual tools in the company's environment, such as email or collaborative tools. It also makes it possible to eradicate non-corporate third-party tools (commonly known as Shadow IT or parallel IT) that are increasingly proliferating in organizations and causing serious security and compliance problems.

Tranxfer was created to help the CISO in his task of protecting and complementing the most common security policies without hindering the employee's day-to-day activities. At the same time, it provides the CIO with the simplest and most embeddable tool for file sharing. 

Thanks to this ease of use and integration with the most widely used workplace platforms, Tranxfer makes it easy for users to comply with security policies regarding the sending and receiving of files. The platform also has its own antivirus, which allows communication without spreading or malware, and an advanced DLP module that allows the security administrator to define content protection rules.

Its history and consolidation in the banking sector has made Tranxfer a highly consolidated product that currently provides services to Ibex 35 companies, guaranteeing daily use by millions of users, taking into account internal users of the different organizations and external recipients. 

Many other organizations and institutions have included Tranxfer in their Security Master Plan as their usual information exchange tool. Securing the delivery channel, improving the use of sharing tools, replacing the traditional email channel for sending documentation, or preventing the risks of identity theft, phishing attacks or malware entry and exit, are just some of the the advantages of having a specific and secure channel for the exchange of information

Tool integrations with Microsoft

Tranxfer offers different modes of use. By default, it is a SaaS tool that is easy to access and manage through the browser to which the employee accesses by simply typing the personalized URL of his company. Recently, a valid plugin has been made available for users of Outlook and Teams – which allows full integration with Microsoft Office 365 platforms and a unique user experience in terms of agility, revolutionizing the usual ways of working.

The challenge of the digital workspace and digital hygiene 

In an increasingly digital world, the workplace has become a work platform where information is constantly exchanged, inside and outside the company. In this context, Tranxfer prioritizes ease of use, and therefore includes integrations with the most popular corporate services to simplify access for users. The objective of this integration is to make it easier for both the user and the administrator, favoring the adoption and use of Tranxfer without having to leave the usual work environment.

The sharing tools and repositories have solved the mass exchange of attachments between colleagues but they still leave unsolved a structural problem in companies and it is the sending of attachments with third parties and the tendency of the employee to use the mail as a second repository that indiscriminately stores attachments that never expire.

Tranxfer allows you to work with a Plugin integrated into your mailbox so that the document does not travel through external email servers, nor is it attached indefinitely over time. You can do without or limit the traditional attachment. With Tranxfer, the files do not remain stored in the cloud or on mail servers, also providing control and monitoring of all incoming and outgoing information, exportable in two clicks for audit compliance

Prevention of attacks; Man in the middle and Malware entry

Your documents will travel with end-to-end encryption and content certification, thus avoiding "man in the middle" interceptions along the way and the employee will be able to use a more secure channel to send and receive files. 

According to Forbes, last year they increased 15% compared to the previous year. What is the main entry point for malware in a company? In the first half of this year, 93% of the attacks have entered via email attachments. 

APIs, integrations and deployment

The use of the secure exchange tool through API also allows integration with other security systems, such as mainly DLP, SIEM, Active Directory, it also allows different deployment modalities covering different business needs. 

With all this, Tranxfer becomes a corporate platform specialized in the transfer of files with security and traceability. Encompassed within the MFT category (“managed file transfer”), protects the channel and the message from origin to destination, making it a complementary route to the ecosystem of existing applications in organizations, especially for sending and receiving files to the external perimeter of the company.


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