Are there ethics in cyberattacks?

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We thank all the participants for their contribution to the debate on whether or not there is ethics in cyberattacks. The results of the vote indicate that 70% of the participants agree that there is no supposed ethics in cyberattacks.

The word, “cyberattack” refers to any deliberate exploitative offensive maneuver that is intended to take control of, destabilize, or damage a computer system. Cybercriminals attack companies or people to get something in return. There are more and more cyberattacks with malicious purposes that we see daily, according to the Clusit 2023 report, last year it broke the all-time record for cyberattacks registered in one year, with a global average of more than 200 cyberattacks per month.

It can be argued that cyber attacks can be ethical if they are carried out for legitimate purposes, such as the Blue Team and the Red Team. And what about cyber attacks on hackers? At the beginning of April, the Mossos launched a cyberattack against the Ransom house group, authors of the cyberattack on the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, to block the criminal group's servers and try to stop the dissemination of the stolen information. Is it ethical?

Also, we must highlight the term "Ethical Hacking", which is gaining more and more popularity. These are "White hat" hackers, hired by companies to violate their systems, and thus detect their weak points, in order to solve them.

In transfer We promise to continue working to make companies aware of the importance of cybersecurity. All companies are targets of cyberattacks, both large and small. There are already many companies that trust our secure information exchange channel for their communications with the outside of the corporate environment.

Thank you all again for participating in the discussion and for helping us promote a culture of safety and ethics online.

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