cyber insurance

The implementation of remote working has been a milestone for technology companies and a mine for cyber attackers. The market has reacted quickly, increasing the popularity of insurers specializing in cybersecurity; Cyber insurance is booming. The companies that offer the most conventional insurance propose the following paradigm: If… Leer más

Security and Telecommuting

Security and Teleworking. Union make force. Although teleworking was already a concept that was gradually beginning to be implemented in companies, in a short time and due to various circumstances, most organizations have been forced to implement this work model. Teleworking has come into the life of... Leer más

Cybersecurity Teams: Red, Blue & Purple Team

Red Team, Blue Team & Purple Team. Action, Defense and Evaluation The cybersecurity sector is in continuous evolution and it is necessary to be prepared for each of the possible situations that may occur. That is why there are different cybersecurity teams: the Blue Team, the Red Team, and the Purple Team. Each … Leer más