Tun tun, who is it? close the wall...

Today the most important asset available to companies is information. This is present in all parts of a company, either as: Information on employees or potential candidates coordinated by the HR department (Internal Information). The information of the clients of a company managed by the … Leer más

We are digitizing agent

Digitizing agent attached to the Digital Kit At Tranxfer we are part of the official list of digitizing agents attached to the Digital Kit program. The program is an initiative of the Government of Spain, which aims to subsidize the implementation of digital solutions for small and medium-sized companies. Digitizing agents are those companies in charge of making said... Leer más

Tranxfer in Expansion

  We are very happy to announce that Tranxfer has increased capital by Pedro Fontana (Vice President of SABADELL and President of Areas), Carlos Blanco (Co-Founder of Encomenda VC & Chairman of Nuclio), Gabriel Ferraté (COO of GFT), Joao Brandao (Portuguese investor) and Frode Huse (Accenture partner) with the aim of developing new technologies (blockchain,… Leer más

CISO: Awareness, Security and Analysis

Definition With the evolution of technology and its new functionalities, along with new vulnerabilities, new technical tasks have appeared, which must be worked on day by day to continue improving. With this evolution, new jobs have appeared to improve the functioning of companies. Today we want to talk about the figure of the CISO... Leer más

Interview Miguel Monzo. The main threat within a company is the lack of cybersecurity awareness

Interview with Miguel Monzó Montes, Tranxfer Chief Technology Officer. Original interview offered by computing What are, in your opinion, the main threats facing companies right now? MMM: In our day to day, we compromise data in all kinds of applications or services: sending an attachment with sensitive data... Leer más