Security and Telecommuting

Security and Teleworking. Union make force. Although teleworking was already a concept that was gradually beginning to be implemented in companies, in a short time and due to various circumstances, most organizations have been forced to implement this work model. Teleworking has come into the life of... Leer más

Cybersecurity Teams: Red, Blue & Purple Team

Red Team, Blue Team & Purple Team. Action, Defense and Evaluation The cybersecurity sector is in continuous evolution and it is necessary to be prepared for each of the possible situations that may occur. That is why there are different cybersecurity teams: the Blue Team, the Red Team, and the Purple Team. Each … Leer más

Email vulnerabilities as a corporate communication channel

Vulnerabilities of email as a corporate communication channel Email is one of the most used means of communication in recent times through the Internet. But, it is true that although the security of this medium has been improved, email continues to have vulnerabilities that allow cybercriminals to steal... Leer más

Teleworking: Start with your zero trust strategy

This is how Zero Trust strategies gain strength in IT departments The Zero Trust concept is based on the idea that organizations should not have to trust any internal or external entity that enters their perimeter. Telecommuting has caused many corporate devices to leave the perimeter and… Leer más

The main threat to a company is the lack of cybersecurity awareness

Interview with Miguel Monzó Montes, Tranxfer Chief Technology Officer. Original interview offered by computing What are, in your opinion, the main threats facing companies right now? MMM: In our day to day, we compromise data in all kinds of applications or services: sending an attachment with sensitive data... Leer más

Tranxfer Strengths

Tranxfer has more strengths than you think compared to other platforms. We show you what our platform's strengths are both in collaborative and email environments, as well as in MFT features or other collaboration mechanisms. For example, we ensure the automatic deletion of the information sent and received, the shipments do not have... Leer más