Security challenges in 2024

Security challenges and Shadow IT

Cybercriminals don't rest. It is increasingly important to be prepared for the new challenges that are looming on the horizon of information security. One of those challenges is the lack of security in exchanging files abroad. Which carries a potential risk of compromising confidentiality and… Leer más and Tranxfer: The alliance to combat data breaches and human error in the field of cybersecurity.

In an increasingly digitized world, cybersecurity has become a priority concern for companies and users. Data leaks and employee negligence have been highlighted as two of the main problems in this area. However, thanks to the strategic collaboration between Tranxfer and, there has been… Leer más

world internet day

internet day

Today, May 17, is Internet Day. From communication to global connectivity, the Internet has revolutionized the way we operate and has opened up unprecedented opportunities. The Internet has paved the way for digital transformation in companies. It allows us to instantly share information, collaborate effectively, and reach… Leer más

Are there ethics in cyberattacks?

We thank all the participants for their contribution to the debate on whether or not there is ethics in cyberattacks. The results of the vote indicate that 70% of the participants agree that there is no such thing as ethics in cyberattacks. The word, "cyberattack" speaks of any offensive maneuver of... Leer más

Tranxfer and secure file transfer


Secure file transfer: A key enabler that promotes efficiency, productivity and security in the management of information in the workplace TRANXFER, now even more integrated, with plugins for the digital workplace with Teams and Outlook. The perfect complement to digital ecosystems. Responds to the need of the company to establish... Leer más