Tranxfer and secure file transfer


Secure file transfer: A key enabler that promotes efficiency, productivity and security in the management of information in the workplace TRANXFER, now even more integrated, with plugins for the digital workplace with Teams and Outlook. The perfect complement to digital ecosystems. Responds to the need of the company to establish... Read more

Tranxfer and integration with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft's online work environment for companies. It integrates all collaborative applications into the same ecosystem, such as chat, calls and meetings, the calendar, and Onedrive or Sharepoint for information sharing. From now on, it is also possible to integrate Tranxfer as a Plugin. Transfer prioritises… Read more

Phishing, the hook in your inbox

Phishing is a technique in which a cybercriminal sends an email to a user pretending to be a legitimate entity (social network, bank, public institution, etc.). The goal is to steal private information, charge financially, or infect the device. To achieve this they attach infected files or links to fraudulent pages in the mail… Read more

cyber insurance

The implementation of remote working has been a milestone for technology companies and a mine for cyber attackers. The market has reacted quickly, increasing the popularity of insurers specializing in cybersecurity; Cyber insurance is booming. The companies that offer the most conventional insurance propose the following paradigm: If… Read more

Security and Telecommuting

Security and Teleworking. Union make force. Although teleworking was already a concept that was gradually beginning to be implemented in companies, in a short time and due to various circumstances, most organizations have been forced to implement this work model. Teleworking has come into the life of... Read more