Teleworking: Start with your zero trust strategy

This is how Zero Trust strategies gain strength in IT departments The Zero Trust concept is based on the idea that organizations should not have to trust any internal or external entity that enters their perimeter. Telecommuting has caused many corporate devices to leave the perimeter and… Leer más

The main threat to a company is the lack of cybersecurity awareness

Interview with Miguel Monzó Montes, Tranxfer Chief Technology Officer. Original interview offered by computing What are, in your opinion, the main threats facing companies right now? MMM: In our day to day, we compromise data in all kinds of applications or services: sending an attachment with sensitive data... Leer más

How to identify cyber attacks in times of COVID-19

teleworking concerns and current context

Cybercriminals do not stop their activity despite the health emergency and take advantage of the situation to carry out attacks in greater volume. This increase in cyberattacks has been exponential, using the coronavirus as a pretext and abusing the ignorance of users and employees, who are manipulated to steal confidential personal information or... Leer más