Tranxfer Strengths

Tranxfer has more strengths than you think compared to other platforms. We show you what our platform's strengths are both in collaborative and email environments, as well as in MFT features or other collaboration mechanisms. For example, we ensure the automatic deletion of the information sent and received, the shipments do not have... Leer más

Transfer at Business Insider

"Money is not there to burn, it is there to hire talent": Tranxfer manages to retain large Ibex clients with a "conservative" growth strategy A few days ago, Business Insider magazine did an interview with Miguel Planas, CEO of Tranxfer where it was revealed the “conservative strategy” that the company uses to reach its goal of … Leer más


This month we have the pleasure of participating in SIC magazine exposing topics such as "Zero Trust", the most difficult challenge for companies due to teleworking. Consult the complete magazine: SIC What kind of projects are we carrying out in our organization to be able to adapt this workspace in this new environment... Leer más

TRANXFER in Computing

We are pleased to participate in the annual CIO & BUSINESS Computing Special with an interview with Eli Bernal, Innovation & Global Sales Director of Tranxfer. Issues such as the most important technological projects in organizations and what the process of digital transformation entails are discussed. SEE THE COMPLETE ARTICLE HERE; PDF PAGE … Leer más

TRANSFER at Business Insider

This Spanish start-up wants to be a global benchmark in secure file sending by 2022 Tranxfer has developed a B2B solution so that company employees can send files and confidential information to each other through an encrypted channel. Miguel Planas, promoter of the platform, is confident that his solution will become a global benchmark... Leer más

IDC Congress “Future of Work 2020”

Currently, IDC Research Spain is the group's premium analysis and consulting firm, being a benchmark in the technological market of our country due to the high experience of its analysts and its increasing presence in the digital transformation process of companies all economic sectors. IDC Research Spain… Leer más

TRANXFER in Innovaspain

Can we compete with WeTransfer? This Spanish company is already standing up to it "We have managed to develop a security technology that allows us to compete with, and surpass in many aspects, the giants of the sector", assures Innovaspain Miguel Planas, the main promoter of Tranxfer In the world of transmission of archives stand out strongly for… Leer más

Tranxfer in Expansion

The company invests one million euros to expand internationally Tranxfer, a company specialized in sending and receiving files securely, is satisfied in the first half of 2020 and faces the second half of the year with optimism. With a capital injection of one million euros received at the beginning of… Leer más